Cape San Blas Polar Plunge

Join your friends and neighbors on 1/1/25 for the 9th Annual Cape San Blas Polar Plunge at Cape Palms Park on Cape San Blas! Donuts, coffee and hot chocolate provided by Scallop Cove. Open to all. Donations will be accepted for South Gulf Fire & Rescue.


Everyone is welcome!

You can bet that a crowd of local residents and visitors to Cape San Blas alike will be there, standing side by side and ready to take the plunge. Will you?
The Polar Plunge has become a staple of Cape San Blas, an annual event that brings people together for the sole purpose of welcoming in the new year. Of starting off fresh, with the cold water washing everything else away.
Whether capping off a period of time, or using it to mark the start of something new, the Polar Plunge on Cape San Blas might just be exactly what you’re looking for. You couldn’t ask for a better place, or a better community, to share the moment with.
Be Sure to Bring a Towel, and Sail Away…
#8 2024 = 215 plungers, air 59°, water 58°
#7 2023 =200 plungers, air 64°, water 69°
#6 2022 =115 plungers, air 70°, water 68°
#5 2021 = 15 plungers, air 47°, water 63°
#4 2020 = 80 plungers, air 43°, water 62°
#3 2019 = 45 plungers, air 70°, water 65°
#2 2018 = 15 plungers, air 39°, water 65°
#1 2017 = 5 plungers, air 69°, water 66°

Yearly Group Photos of the Polar Plunge

2017 Polar Plunge
2020 Polar Plunge
2023 polar plunge
2018 polar plunge
2021 polar plunge
2024 Polar Plunge Cape San Blas
2019 polar plunge
2022 Polar Plunge

Videos and In the News!

Jan 1, 2024 Polar Plunge run in video:

Jan 1, 2023 Polar Plunge run in video:

Dec 31, 2021 News Clip:

Jan 3, 2021 News Clip:

Jan 1, 2019 Polar Plunge run in video:

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