History of Scallop Cove


  • The Picket family, of Port St Joe owned and operated Picks, a small market in the Simon's Bayou area. This location was the future home of Triple Trails Restaurant. The 2nd location as Pick's expanded, was to open a similar market on the Cape, and Pick's 2 was built. 


  • The Picket's sold Picks 2 to a new family, in the mid-80's.
  • Mr. Ron changed the name to Scallop Cove, added the 6 Villa's behind the store, and added a Fish Market to the property (currently the Bait Shop).
  • Over the next several years, Mr. Ron sold the Villas off, one at a time, and then sold the general store and bait shop to eager new owners


  • The Davis family bought the store in 2010 and added the State Park concession contract to the already busy set of stores. 


2007 Scallop Cove Photo


  • BP oil spill 2010 which changed Scallop Cove from BP to Marathon gas
  • Updated gas tanks and repaved parking lot



  • Added 5 beer taps
  • St Joe State Park 
    • 2013 - 5 yr concessionaire agreement




  • 2018 Oct 10 - Hurricane Michael
    • No water in the general store, but lost a storage hut and flooded the warehouse.
    • Unbranded Marathon gas to Scallop Cove gas


  • New gas  canopy installed 


  • January - Entered Scallop Cove chili into JSL chili cookoff and won 2 place
  • July - Updated Bait and tackle logo
  • Dec - Introduced Covey the Elf of the Shelf #CoveytheElfontheShelf
  • April 7 - Bought new gas pumps
  • Sept 5 - Mike from “Mikes Weather Page” hosted a meet and greet at Scallop Cove
  • Opened online Etsy store for online souvenir purchases


  • Tyler and Claire bought out Jan and Greg’s half of Scallop Cove
  • Bought new chase boat for State Park
  • Part of the movie “Blood Orange” was filmed at the store.
  • Added free air pump in parking lot.



  • Added live weather cameras to view anytime anywhere.
  • Added Salt Water Aquarium to the Bait Shop full of local seen fish. Come meet Stewey the Puffer fish.
  • Implemented a new online rental reservation system for pontoons and kayaks in the State Park.
  • Etsy store gets new items added weekly that are designed by Claire and printed on demand. Check them out! 


  • Added 2 more pontoon boats to the rental fleet out of the State Park.
  • Tyler and Claire's son won 2 place in his schools science fair on his research of "how to help beach erosion".
  • Hit 10,000 followers on Facebook


*This information was gathered from multiple websites and stories and we are not historians. If you find any of this information to be wrong, please tell us so we can fix.